Flight Radar

Live air traffic over Saxony and parts of Germany

Jan 3, 2024
1 min read
Photo by Rebecca Aldama / Unsplash

Flight tracking for planes over Saxony (and other parts of Germany) via ADS-B:

tar1090 - ADS-B plane tracking interface

The tracking is possible with an ADS-B antenna located on the roof, some docker to fetch the data and move it to a cloud machine for distributing the data to various services like:

  • c-l.it
  • flightradar24.com
  • flightaware.com
  • adsbexchange.com
  • radarbox.com

The setup as a short diagram:

                           |Active antenna|                              
                          |Bandpass Filter|                              
                        |Flightware Pro Stick|                           
                            |Raspberry Pi|                               
,-------------.  ,------.   ,-----------.   ,--------------.   ,--------.
|Flightradar24|  |c-l.it|   |Flightaware|   |ADS-B Exchange|   |Radarbox|
|-------------|  |------|   |-----------|   |--------------|   |--------|
  • Active antenna - the physical antenna located on the roof, the only part (beside the cable) outside
  • Bandpass Filter - to filter unwanted noise a dedicated Bandpass filter is installed to only filter the wanted 1090Mhz messages.
  • Flightaware Pro Stick - USB device which has a SMA antenna connector, the hardware for decoding the messages
  • Raspberry Pi - the SoC where the software is running at and which sends the data to the server.

The reason for sending the data to server is the flexibility - the Pi has only one target where it needs to send the data, the server has multiple services running which services the third party sites as Flightradar24.